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NENUPHAR is the first of the TRIP:TYCH triad of fragrances. It is inspired by the nymphaea, or also known as the yellow lily, kubyshka or nuphar lutea. The name is taken from a botanical atlas. The quintessence of the "Ukrainian lotus" is composed of 14 familiar and exotic notes, including raw earth, moss, walnut, iris and tobacco. The unisex fragrance is available in Eau de parfum і Solid perfume jewelry.

Inspired by NATURE

Nenuphar (yellow lily, kubyshka, nuphar lutea  is a perennial aquatic plant known since ancient times. The kubyshka belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family. In common parlance, the plant is often called a water lily. 

Its unique ability to develop simultaneously in three environments: soil, water, and air has fascinated us with its nature. It has a long creeping rhizome, colored yellowish-green. 

The flower itself appears in late spring or early summer. It is attached to a long, thick stem and often rises slightly above the water. In some regions, flowering continues throughout the warm season. After flowering, a fruit is formed, which really resembles a small jug in shape, hence one of the names of the people is yellow jugs or cubushka. It contains seeds. When the seed box is opened, the seeds drift on the water or are eaten by birds. Thus, the plant reproduces and conquers new territories.

NENUPHAR was the inspiration not only for the scent, but also for the shape. The family box of the yellow lily or NENUPHAR became the prototype for the shape of the design case Eau de parfum Nenuphar та Solid perfume jewelry Nenuphar.

In Ukraine, yellow lilies have long been associated with mermaids (one of the folk names for the plant is mermaid flower). It was believed that early in the morning and in the evening, yellow flowers should not be picked or even touched, because a mermaid guarding her favorite flower might get angry, grab a person's hand and drown them. It was also believed that on summer moonlight nights, most mermaids gathered in places with the most yellow lilies.


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