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Just Kids is a charitable foundation dedicated to supporting children and fostering their trust in the world and their uniqueness. Children deserve unconditional love, and we want them to know that. We want them to stay naïve and open-minded for as long as possible.

When children are little and not yet heavily influenced by social pressures, they are unafraid to express themselves. They do what they really want and that’s why everything works out for them. Pure creative potential is inherent in all children, and we need to protect and nurture it. The foundation's goal is to provide opportunities for self-expression and the development of children. Just Kids organizes festivities, events, creative sessions, and workshops for children. Invited artists will guide them into a joyful and safe realm of creativity.

Just Kids is funded by the TRIP:TYCH brand. All proceeds from the sales of the charitable Point keyring, 30% of the apricot keyring sales, and 5% of all other sales are directed to the foundation. You can support Just Kids by donating any amount. The foundation has ambitious plans and a simple mission: to make children feel special while letting them be just  kids.


TRIP:TYCH Point. Just Kids is a charitable keyring created to support children and the eponymous foundation*. Shaped like a star, this point symbolizes the pure light that children emanate. In a unique and naive way, they illuminate the lives of adults, even when the path becomes gloomy and sad. Our inner child remains our most honest guide. Kids are just kids.

All proceeds from the sale of this keyring are directed to the Just Kids foundation.


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