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Keyring Apricot


Keyring-talisman Apricot is a charitable jewelry by TRIP:TYCH. 33% from the sales are directed to the Just Kids foundation.

 The jewelry piece symbolizes the connection with the inner child. The two halves of a ripe apricot visually resemble the closed eye of a newborn. The child sees the world as expressive and completely kind, full of miracles and warmth. Engraved with the «open your eyes and choose your own world» statement, the keyring reminds us that this vision is stored in each of us. 

The keyring is available at and TRIP:TYCH stores.


Size: 4x3.3 cm.
Weight: 173 g.
Material: uncoated brass.
*As it is worn, the metal will oxidize and get its own special marks of life, and each apricot will become unique for each owner.
Color: golden.
Lace material: cotton.
Lace length: 25 cm.
Engraving: "Open your eyes choose your own world".


Use as a keyring for your bag or keys.


Keyring Apricot


Cotton bag

Keyring Apricot



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