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Our commitment to nature, people, craft, and love

TRIP:TYCH is a nature-inspired, aesthetic design & aroma brand, symbolizing the journey of being a human. Pure insights are polished into timeless fragrances, jewelry, and objects—creations of naturalistic design and impeccable craftsmanship. Each product stems from a curiosity about the world around, shaping multifaceted concepts to unfold their new meanings over time.


TRIP:TYCH fragrances lie beyond the idea of reproducing particular natural scents. Instead, we strive to intuitively reproduce emotions, memories, and inspirations, discovered in life itself. Apart from the notes of civet, musk, wild herbs, and flowers, the perfumed compositions contain notes of nostalgia, freedom, or excitement, to name a few.


The complex simplicity of nature and its interconnection with a human translates into the shapes of TRIP:TYCH jewelry. Each month, we produce a limited amount of jewelry pieces, each coming with its serial number. This way, we adhere to the fine quality standards, performed by skilled Ukrainian artisans, working at a conscious pace. Less is more.


Being an aesthetic-centered brand, TRIP:TYCH attends to every detail, capable of beautifying the everyday. The sensory function of a product is equally important as the utilitarian purpose. Each part of the packaging, starting from a delicate papier mâché box and up to functional aluminum casing, serves its artistic purpose. Each shape, letter, and font states that life is a beautiful experience.


The TRIP:TYCH products are designed and produced to last, for the sake of fun, beauty, and sensitivity. That's why most of the items are refillable, and we're always available to provide care or repair guidance. We love what we do. We love you. HAVE YOUR NATURE TRIP <3


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