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Eau de parfum TURRITELLA, 50 ML

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Turritella is the second fragrance of the TRIP:TYCH perfume triad. This composition is inspired by the boundless expanse of the sea horizon, the shape of the seashell, and the moments of sunset and sunrise.

The spiral motion, inherent in the Turritella shell shape, symbolizes eternal life, the cyclical rhythm of the evolution of the Universe, and the evolution of a human being as an individual, the journey of finding your authentic self and your place in life.

The aluminum perfume flacon of TURRITELLA comes in a unique case made by 3D printing method from CoPET plastic in the shape of a yellow water-lily seed pod. Once the fragrance is over, you can easily replace it with another 50 ml refill flacon.

Сase height: 12 cm


Turritella is composed of three parts. The scent builds from Frankincense, which symbolizes eternity, the goal, and the dream. The smoky and dried weed notes represent the process of self-discovery, while Vetiver, with its woody and bitter tartness, embodies the sea, transformations, the decay of obsolete principles, and the inception of novel ones.


NOTES: frankincense, sea, tobacco, rhubarb, smoke, musk, moss, vetiver.


NOTES: frankincense, sea, freshness, tobacco, rhubarb, honey, musk.


NOTES: smoke, hemp, dry grass, rhubarb, wood.

TRIP:TYCH fragrances are unisex and easily mix-and-matchable.


INCI: Alcohol, perfume (fragrance), Aqua.


Apply a small amount of perfume on the pulsating areas on the skin, hair and enjoy.


Aluminum refill flacon, 50 ml.


Unique designer case made by 3D printing method from CoPET plastic in the shape of a shell TURRITELLA.

Eau de parfum TURRITELLA, 50 ML



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