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TRIP:TYCH Points keyrings are 13 collectible insights that are released every 13th of the month. These accessories are the symbols to mark your unique route, inner or outer one. These are the points of return to what truly matters to you.


TRIP:TYCH Point 1. Launched in January, the first keyring is dedicated to our initial symbol, a starting point for TRIP:TYCH, a seed pod of a yellow water lily. At the last stage of its life cycle, a flower carries the seeds for future life. An ending serves a new beginning.


TRIP:TYCH Point 2. Launched in February, this keyring points out that love can be different for each of us. Love is alive, and it lives beyond our expectations. Don’t try to comprehend it or tame it, simply let it be. Love is love.


TRIP:TYCH Point 3. Launched on March 13th, this keyring serves as a reminder that happiness is always by your side. It’s a daily practice, like making small steps towards your big dream or noticing the beauty of a simple moment. Happiness is your everyday.




Chain necklace length: 60cm.






cotton bag

POINTS Subscription



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