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Solid perfume jewelry NENUPHAR Brass + mini pendant NENUPHAR

Materialbrass + nickel

NENUPHAR is the first of the TRIP:TYCH fragrance triad. It is inspired by the water lily, or the common nuphar lutea, which blooms in the summer. The shape of the jewelry piece is reminiscent of

TRIP: TYCH solid perfume container prototype is a drawing of a cut open seed pod from a botanical atlas. This image symbolizes the coherence and cyclicity of life.

The product can be worn on the neck, hand or even a bag as a pendant: there is a regulator on the chain that allows you to change the length of the sotoire. Once your solid perfume is over, you can easily replace it with a refill cartridge.

TRIP: TYCH jewelry pieces are crafted by hand from high-quality materials, with the aim of lasting as long as possible. TRIP: TYCH shapes, fragrances, and symbols are natural, therefore, timeless.


The bottle is hand-assembled from parts cast from brass with gold or nickel plating. Inside of it, there is a cartridge with solid perfume NENUPHAR Part 1.

The jewelry comes with two cartridges and a silver chain necklace plated with 24k gold or rhodium:

— T-closure

— three rings to adjust the length

NENUPHAR pendant height: 43 mm

Chain length: 100 cm -> 75 cm -> 55 cm

*The color of the product on the photo may differ from the real one.


NOTES: water lily, water caltrop, nymphaea, tobacco, raw earth, musk, moss.

TRIP:TYCH fragrances are unisex and easily mix-and-matchable.


INCI: Parfum, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, Japanese wax, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Parfum, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Lanolin, Benzophenone - 3, Retinyl acetate, Tocopheryl acetate, Ascorbic acid, Pantothenic acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, AA-PAL, Ascorbic acid-6-palmitate (AA6P), Vitamin З.


Open the bottle. Apply a small amount of a solid perfume onto your pulse points: neck, décolleté, wrist, and behind the ears.

For hygiene purposes, apply solid perfume with clean hands. Close the pendant after use. Make sure that no foreign objects enter the pendant or come into contact with the solid perfume.

For hygiene reasons, we send the solid perfume in sealed sachets. Before first use, you need to place the solid perfume inside the pendant yourself. If you encounter any difficulties, visit our store or email us at HELLO@TRIPTYCHNATURE.COM, and we will be happy to assist.


A paper box is made of recycled cardboard using the papier-mâché method, and embellished with an engraved NENUPHAR symbol on top.


The solid perfume jewelry comes with a textile bag, and we recommend using it at all times to store and transport the jewelry piece, in order to prevent damage.


1 removable refill cartridges with the solid perfume NENUPHAR Part 1.


Jewelry is a final touch to your outfit: the last to put on and the first one to take off. It’s better to put it on once you get your hair, makeup, and perfume done. Jewelry requires gentle wear and proper storage. Taking care of the products involves not only cleaning but also protecting them from dirt and mechanical damage.

These factors can cause harm to jewelry:

Any chemicals, beauty products, skin, and hair care products. Namely, creams, hair sprays, foams, perfumes, medicines, essential oils, chemicals, alcohol-containing substances, chlorine, acetone, alkalis, iodine, potassium permanganate, sulfur, mercury, aggressive detergents and laundry detergents, stain removers and bleaches, that is, all substances that can enter into a chemical reaction with the coating. Also abrasive substances and objects with an abrasive surface such as scrubbers, sand, sanding elements and similar...

Follow these recommendations to make your jewelry last:

— protect from contact with hard objects that can scratch and damage it;

— store each product separately in a dust bag;

— do not allow for the jewelry to fall, even from a low height, as this can damage it and deform the coating;

— when you need to clean the jewelry, use a special cloth for cleaning and polishing jewelry;

— you can always contact us by e-mail HELLO@TRIPTYCHNATURE.COM and we will be share the jewelry service contacts with you.

We recommend removing your jewelry:

— before visiting bathing complexes, going to the beach, and during water procedures;

— before cooking, cleaning, gardening, and repair works;— before going to bed;

— before using cosmetics, oils, and other external products;

— before exposure to ultraviolet, X-ray, and radioactive radiation;

— before engaging in sports activities, as sweat may leave permanent stains on the surface of the product.

Observe the general instructions for use of the product.

Solid perfume jewelry NENUPHAR Brass + mini pendant NENUPHAR



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